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Thread: Issue with DiS

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    Issue with DiS

    Hey all,

    I recently bought a new laptop, and decided to install ypp and supply crate on it. On my test run, all my bots (poseidon, aethir, etc) worked fine, except for dreaming in sprinkles. While this bot works perfectly on my main pc, it refused to work on my laptop. It loads fine, detects ypp fine, however, when the swordfight starts, it still says "waiting for a swordfight" and neither the manual nor the automatic mode work.

    My resolution is set to 800x600 32bits, so that shouldn't be an issue. Any ideas?

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    running team viewer???

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    Did you ever resolve this? Having the same issue.

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    Make sure that your client is in English and that the client is not blocked by anything.

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