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Thread: bot slowness

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    bot slowness

    So i have bought pretty much every bot available apart from the th bot, which im not really that interested.
    i love em all, but what makes me sad is that both the bilge bots works really really slow on my pc. i dont know why. i tried to update everything, but it didnt help. and because of their slowness. trudent can barely keep excell on auto mode and poseidon never gets me incs because of it.

    and yes im rnning Windows 8 and have i5 processor so thats not issue in my case. my pc has the needed power so for some other reason they works really slow.
    anyone else experiencing same issues?

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    Are you running them on Depth 4? If so try Depth 3
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    I always run with depth 3. 4 takes ages to calculate moves.

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