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    Thank you bot supply- help understanding gunning and bot

    I was never a gunner because my disability does not allow me to have the quick and popper scanning of the boards for puzzles and hand eye coronation So first thing is thanking you to bot supply for making a game that is fun playable. Because I have cerabal palsy

    2nd thing I is I have never really learned what is a good gunning board from a bad one. And face your movie is a little to fast for if someone would not mind skyping me and show me how to use the bot the best. And what is a good board to a bad board. That would help me greatly.

    Skype name is

    And if you can't do that can you tell me if I want to raise my stat to what the bot can attain. Is it better to board sit or restation and when. Especially what about the navy

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    What you can do, is in youtube, you can slow the video down.

    Just click on the gear, then videospeed.

    Put it on 0.5 or 0.25

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    I'll make a slowed down video with my thought process behind why I see a board is good or not.

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