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    Overhaul TH Bot Query

    I understand that you guys dont do requests and are busy but have you ever thought about making 'Overhaul' Automatic? Its a real good bot but i cant even get passed Respected with it however i think its down to me being slow or pressing the wrong piece. Would it be possible to introduce an automatic mode and bump the price up? I personally would re-buy the bot if it was automatic and get me Leg-Ult.

    If not has anybody got any advice on how to achieve ultimate with this bot?

    Again i appreciate you guys are busy.

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    This bot was released Automatic but it was one of the detectable automatics, I believe such a bot requires so much speed that I don't thinl will workout to bring it back to auto, however I got ulti using the manual, just be fast enough, look fpr moves yourself, make the bot's choice your plan B. Do that on flottlia or TH expos ( No chest ) since chests screw things up.

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    I know this is a botting site but the TH puzzle is really easy to get Ultimate in. All you have to do is make fast 3-clears at the top of the screen and TH in chest-free environments (Flotilla, TH expos) only, avoid any type of SMH because the chests will hurt your score. You can "hyperrank" TH by hopping on, doing a quick session lasting around 30-60 seconds, hopping off and repeating. This will update your rank quicker.

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