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    Free Mouse Movement (C++) coming soon!

    It is actually already on the web, and works, but I'm not giving a link yet, and I doubt you will be able to find it. (I know it should be in the programming subforum, but no one goes there anymore)

    I'm wondering what features you guys think would be useful to have for mouse movement code.

    Current Features:
    - Uses Record/Playback to play mouse-movements between any two points on the screen, at any specified speed.
    - Can save/load mouse-movements for later
    - Small/Configurable memory footprint
    - Built in support for human-like randomness.
    - Includes support for keyboard buttonpresses and mouseclicks
    - Smooth
    - Really easy to use in your own code.

    I've used this in my personal bots for a while now, and it seems fine. Run at your own risk.

    virustotal: here

    Download sample: here

    Note: This will hijack your mouse during playback, and there is currently no way to break out. The sample only runs for one second, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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    I think you should make it into an auto stationer

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    um, no. Auto-stationing has nothing to do with mouse-movement besides the fact that it might make use of it. I may at some point in the future release the classes that I use for screen scraping and image processing which combined with mouse-movement and clicking can make an auto-stationer, but I'm not going to bundle auto-stationing with the mouse-movement code.

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    Truthfully providing the user of the bot this is included in doesn't move their mouse. Your "Can save/load mouse-movements for later" feature could be used for auto stationing without those classes.

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