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Thread: Is this a real website or a scam?

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    Is this a real website or a scam?

    Not sure if you can actually get any bot there, cause you have to fill a survey. It asks for your phone number or send a message.
    Anyone can check?

    On the right side there's a bar with Puzzle Pirates Bots & Hacks.


    Posting here 'cause thinking of a scam. Doesn't seem very clean web, 'cause of the 1, 2 comments on every bot.
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    99% sure this is fake, for one it isn't possible to have a PoE or Doubloon hack unless the author has some access to the YPP server files and i highly doubt anyone has access to these or we would already see things such as private servers around.
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    Don't trust any website with PoE or Doub hacks you will most likely just find some nasty programs :P
    If you could please keep these links off the forum incase someone decides to try it out :P

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