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    best aethyr settings?

    What are the best non-tokening settings for aethyr? I'd think 2 move search with quirkiness,but please share your thoughts.

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    These are the settings that I prefer:

    Manual non-tokening quirkiness. (performance)(possibly necessary to modify to depth 1 when it's being quirky with a big combo, then switch back to 2)
    Auto non-tokening non-quirkiness. (performance)
    Auto tokening low priority non-quirkiness. (incred tokens)
    Auto tokening high priority non-quirkiness. (2 rows excellent/maybe incred if you're lucky)

    Unless specified, depth 2.

    Edit: to be honest the auto mode is more impressive because it's so damn fast (or at least faster than me).
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    OKAY, I've personally used this bot for 30 hours alone, I know it's been out for just a little while, I've been able to get to #5 on the leaderboards with it (WITHOUT hyper-ranking) and then dropped down lower. MY GUIDE to it -

    Start off with automatic depth one at the beginning. After half of a LP increase to DEPTH 2. After 1-2 LPS of a SHINY sail full way through, look if you have a lot of pieces that are the same (generally 10+) and then change to Quirkiness. I typically put it on quirkiness regardless after 1-2 LPS of shiny, but if you put it on depth two no quirkiness until you find lots of the same colour pieces then place it on quirkiness auto, it'll do you wonders. Hope this helped.

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