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Thread: bilge bot

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    bilge bot

    bilge bot for sell 10$ only
    add me on Skype : *removed*
    and its undetected
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moaz View Post
    bilge bot for sell 10$ only
    add me on Skype : mmooaazz
    and its undetected
    i dont think you will get any buyers here. if you have any hopes for that, then you need to wrote alittle more details such as: who made it, whats it coded in and why buy yours and not one of bot supplys who have proved to be the best on the marked?
    i am looking for someone who can code a bot for me!! The job is paied (100-200USD maybe more) Add me on my skype "henrikkroko" or shoot me a pm! hope to hear from you

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    Hello, per the rules you can find here:

    You will need to send the source of this program to either Sticky or Scarecrow to have it verified that it is virus free and your own work.


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    User does not have permission to sell. He does not own the rights to the bilge bot he is attempting to sell, and it is also offered for free on other websites.


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