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    Bot usage statistics

    Hey guys, please post how long you've been botting for (not banned yet) and say whether you use Auto or Manual.

    Ill go first

    1 month, everyday - Auto for all bots

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    Stupidly botting:

    Botted for a few days after people were reporting detection.. I got myself a good old ban.

    I thought upon it and appealed for it a good few weeks/months later and got unbanned.

    Smartly botting:

    Been unbanned and botting since I joined (besides the one slip up above)

    I do swap between Auto and Manual from time to time.
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    almost always auto bot sometimes manual depends wether someone says its detected just be carreful on those times never got banned

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    Not sure why we are doing this but I'll bite for that post count . All bots with the exception of Trident, Overhaul, the distill bot, and the BS bot pretty much every day since their releases and then re-releases, on auto when auto was avail. Never banned for botting.

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