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Thread: Official Bot-Supply Premium Puzzle Pirate Bots

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    Quote Originally Posted by tupov View Post
    Tick "4 Moves" and "Vegas".
    That's pwnage mode.
    ThnQ ^^
    Usually use vegas, 3move, got me 95% increds..

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    really awesome bots
    and cheap. i feel like bot prices has dropped a lot lately

    Quote Originally Posted by Lighty View Post
    The speed Poseidon works at depends on the frequency of one processor core. The reason for this is because the bot does not use multiple cores (multi-thread). For example, if you have an i7 with 6 physical cores (12 in total), the CPU usage will only ever reaches around 8% (1/12) in Pwnage (4 moves) mode. It would be more beneficial to overclock a dual-core processor than to buy something with 4+ cores because of how the bot functions and uses resources.

    To put this into perspective, if your processor has 4 cores each 2.8GHz and a friend has 2 cores both 3.3GHz, Poseion will work better for your friend because he has a higher frequency core (able to perform more calculations per second in that core).

    Nice findings though, always useful quoting figures, which you have done.
    thanks! i have been wondering why it says i need 3.0 Ghz + and i've been using such a low % of my CPU
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    Iran 3-move deep Vegas mode for this competition yesterday and my Incred kept losing to another person's Incred
    I then switched to Pwnage mode, but i think due to my PC being <3.0ghz it wasnt as good

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    Graphics have been udpated

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    nice graphics! looks a lot better than they did before

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    Need some help here. I just got the bilge bot, it gets to 99% and will not go any further in the D/l. I've tried restarting etc but it still gets stuck at 99%.

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    If i become VIP/buy, Will i get any free bots?

    - xTcZeroxTc

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    If i become VIP/buy, Will i get any free bots?
    During your VIP time (15$/month) you'll be able to use all bots.

    It's worth it - you can easily bot 300k a month :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTcZeroxTc View Post
    If i become VIP/buy, Will i get any free bots?

    - xTcZeroxTc
    VIP gets every premium bot for free as long as they have an active sub. (This includes future bots also)
    Need to get in Contact with me?

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    i bought the bilge bot and now i dont have the both in supply crate, i entered the only code i saw into the auth code box yet it says incorrect, the window is no longer open and i was wondering if there is any way to get a new auth code, or to get my old one back

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