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    hyperranking question

    so i have been trying to get ult bilge, i go in the io, get sparkly really quick and leave after 2-3 stars but i keep only getting exc in the dr.. am i doing something wrong or is this normal

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    Just because you're sparkly and get lots of bingos for 2-3 stars, it won't achieve incred. The initial stages of these sparkles are to start up score, and you need to build on top of that until you're incred, before disengaging. Once you have got incred you can do the 2-3 star trick.

    This is an example of what you're doing on rigging.
    You build a full tar board which clears all. And you clear again immediately after. Then you disengage. The DR would come up as poor or booched. This is because that is to start you off at a high level, but you need to work on top of that for a sufficient time for you to score highly. So build an incred then you can do 2-3 stars

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    thank you for the quick reply

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    Hyper Ranking isnt about Stars but I hyper rank while i do Duty navigation due to u cant do it in an IO its a different method so u would choose one Puzzle Along with Dnav (Take it out and do it with another if u wish or keep repeating this on IOs its pretty much the same with timing Just if ur Doing Ios u can only really do 1 stat a t a time unless ur never leaving it)

    Anyways my Method of Hyper ranking while i do Dnav is

    First Swabbie on 1 LP (dont ever hit LP) kick all from ship besides urself and go on ur first station.. Do the station to Incredible and maintain the first one for 30-45 seconds by then u will be Turning for the first time so u dont hit the LP.

    Second After u click Turn is when you swap station to go to your second. repeat the same thing.

    Third Okay u did 2 30-45 seconds of Incredible now it slightly changes with timing so when you go back to your First puzzle again do it for 15-20 seconds and then come off the station. after you leave the station DO NOT touch it again for 30 seconds+ (longer ur off the less scoring u lose)

    Fourth Just repeat the loop with 15-20 seconds per station if u can hold ur incredible and restaiton to ur nect one for 15-20 seconds and then wait 10-15 seconds so u dont lose to much of ur scoring to lose ur INCREDIBLE.

    The above method can get u #1s fairly easily

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