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Thread: Status of my projects

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    Status of my projects

    Gonna edit this post a lot, expect more information:

    Note that currently, I am not selling any of these bots, nor the stats they can achieve: I may at some point, upload video footage, but I don't feel I need to prove my claims beyond a shadow of a doubt. You can take this thread however you like, I intend it mainly to show possibilities at this time, maybe in the future, I will use it to gauge interest in these bots in some other capacity.

    Card Counting:
    -Does what it says on the tin
    -Text based (no gui)

    Performance: Very easy ultimate even with very low calculation time.
    - Performance
    - Knows how to boardhop
    - Gets more Masterpieces than Inferno.
    - Undetected afaik
    - Uses my brand new never before seen HMM
    - Too powerful to sell to Face without strong derpification of the algorithm
    - Unreliable/wonky screen reading (haven't retrofit it with my improved version yet)
    - Not yet suited for power-ranking (IE, I can't just leave it alone for an hour and come back with a solid-ult alt)

    Performance: Ultimate. I think at this point it may be contesting Poseidon's claims to be "The best bilge bot algorithm to date. Period."
    - Correctly uses/scores special pieces
    - FAST and getting faster: 4 depth is a piece of cake: I get that depth with around 0.3 seconds of calculation.
    - Sexy HMM and accurate board-reading
    - *NEW* Now can multibot!
    - Probably won't win any comps without strong luck and/or extra depth of search.

    Graph of its scoring over a session. Each data point is a move's score, a lot are zero because it likes to setup for bigger stuff.

    Projected future projects:
    - Treasure Haul (because its largely just bilging with chests)
    - Sword Fighting

    Also, if you guys come up with sexy code-names for these projects, I will be happy (no prize though). You can ask questions about the projects, but keep in mind that I may not be willing to answer certain questions.
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    That's pretty cool. I know you already said you won't but I think you should sell your bots to face/sobo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage View Post
    That's pretty cool. I know you already said you won't but I think you should sell your bots to face/sobo
    Sobo doesn't buy bots...

    Nice job on the bots!

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    Updated initial post to reflect the increase in performance for the bilge bot

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    I have an idea for the bilge bot's name!

    What about Tiamat Bilge Bot, Tiamat literally translates as salt water from Greek mythology and it's Sea god.
    Or maybe Apsu? It's fresh water.

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    Can't wait to see a video at some point!
    Skype: BS.Incognito

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    Added graph of depth 4 scoring for the bilge bot over a session. Also, if my newest plans work out, I think I'll have at least one extra layer of depth over the current best competitors. Somehow, it seems to outscore other bilge-bots despite only using the same depth as them.

    Funny story, I got incredible with depth of one once (testing ). I was a little surprised.

    Just implemented multiclient support. Should be able to handle as many YPP bilge windows as you can fit on the screen (AKA probably just two unless you have a gigantor screen

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    I wonder what are you gonna do with these bots

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    This sounds like a great idea, I am personally more interested in the Bilging bot myself. Can't wait to see the video, keep up the good work!

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    Glad to see some more coders on board!

    Hit me up if ever you need some graphics done for a GUI or anything

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