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Thread: Rigging Bot - Bannable?

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    Rigging Bot - Bannable?

    Hey there, I was wondering if the Rigging Bot (Aeolus) has been causing bans for some players? I've been a Bot-supply user for quite a while now - I bought the Poseidon Bot a while back and the Guns of Steel before it was discontinued, I was interested in purchasing the Aeolus Rigger bot but I have read it has caused bans recently. I know bots of course are not 100% safe, but I have took a glance at this forum recently and noticed people have been banned with the particular bot because of a projected abnormal mouse movement that occurs rarely. Is that being investigated? ;o

    I am likely going to be purchasing.

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    If you use a bot it will always put your account at risk.

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    There have been several bans with Aeolus being the common factor, but there's no real evidence that it's detected.

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    Utilize the forum's search feature before making threads...It saves everyone a headache.

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    Do be wary of repetitive threads, I'll be closing this thread after my post.

    Yes, there have been reports of Aeolus getting pirates banned however there is no solid proof that the rigging bot is the cause of the banning. Despite this, with the rigging bot comes a manual mode which is very unlikely to be the cause of a ban. This feature may be more to your preference if you feel uncomfortable with the using the rigging bot on auto. It's handy to remember that auto mode of any bot is still in beta stage of its development and it is a risk to use any of them as they all can, potentially, get you banned.

    From a personal point of view, I believe as long as you bot smartly and safely, then you should not encounter any problems. Remember to appear active and friendly and to never leave the bot unmanned.

    Happy botting!
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