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Thread: Rigging Bot

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    Rigging Bot

    Q : Is Rigging Bot Safe Or not In this time ?

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    Answer- No bot is ever 100% safe. Statistically, the rigging bot is 100% safe on manual, but there are ways for OOO to trace that. As a person that has used Aeolus for hours on auto, I would say that it is extremely unlikely for you to get banned on auto. If you stick to manual, it is EXTREMELY unlikely for you to get banned. Like I said, nobody has ever been banned for a manual mode.
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    Every bot is "use at your own risk" but so far Scarecrow has been running it for the past week or so and he hasn't been banned, so it's probably safe.

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    It is safe to use manual, the auto mode has a possible bug that has the potential to get a user banned. I am not 100% sure it will get you banned. I also did not see in bug in over 100+ hours of use with the bot.
    Manual is amazing and 100% safe, auto is use at your own risk.
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