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    Won't let me download trident bilge?

    I click on the bilge in the your bots section in supply crate thing. It will not download but yet just sit there and not do anything. ticking me off someone plz help.
    It wont download completely..
    Hate this because I spent money on it.

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    Seems to me like you're missing the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll file in your Supply-Crate folder

    If you need help feel free to add me on skype (found in my siggy)

    Or try redownloading Supply-Crate completely and extracting everything again

    Your Supply-Crate folder should look exactly like this:

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    how do i get the ICS sharpcode thing? I download supply-crate doesn't it come with?

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    ICShap doesn't come with SC since last update. Can you screenshot the error you are getting please.

    Just realised there is no error message, hmmm, is any firewall or AV blocking you from downloading?
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    Fixed it :P sorry about the hassle. Winrar was changing the Jar files.

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