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    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find a place to post about bot errors, maybe you should make one?

    Anyway last month this bot was working perfectly with a few hindrances such as <34 board thing and now it's constant I haven't finished a board with the bot by itself. Am I just experiencing extremely bad luck on the boards or is the bot just terrible? Thanks.

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    Bad luck boards. I won't lie and say the bot couldn't be improved a little, but that specific error is just board related.

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    Also, the correct place is Community Support.
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    Only problem I see with the bot in all honesty is it only solves up to 36 clicks (one for each tile) when there's moves that could make a layer molten within 37-38

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    It doesn't analyze the entire board. It brute forces it for 30 seconds. It does not go for the absolute perfect score. Rather the best path it finds in the 30 seconds greater than 34 clicks

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