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Thread: The Captain (Real bnav helper)

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    The Captain (Real bnav helper)

    The Captain

    Hello, i am happy to introduce my project called "The Captain". It is a battle-nav helper which observes the battle board and suggests you best possible moves. In language of law, this program is legal (according to terms of use of YPP) because it does not interact with the game by itself, you are doing all the clicking. As proof of this being real, here is a short video i have made: The Captain (alpha preview) - YouTube

    For a complete list of features, bunch of screenshots with instructions and info how to obtain it, go to The Captain
    Latest version is Full version 1.3

    Safety notice:
    I will never ask you for money by pm or Skype. I am only accepting payments through my website. Under special circumstances (special agreement by PM or email) i might send you paypal request, but in such cases ask for forum pm before paying! I am not responsible for damage caused/money stolen by an imposter! My skype name is kyborek, only bot supply account is kyborek and email address

    Additional info:
    • This program is coded in C# which means it is only available to windows users
    • HS support is planned
    • It will not be expanded for pvp
    • It is technically impossible to expand this for Blockades

    Strong sides:
    • Computes every possible move
    • Finds best possible solution in terms of chance (Highest chance to hit opponent with lowest chance to get hit)
    • Counts with all tile types (including winds)
    • Uses advanced algorithms for best efficiency, gives solution within few seconds
    • Can also find you grapple moves (if you can reach enemy within 4 moves)
    • Counts with different ship sizes forcing you to be more cautious when the enemy ship is larger
    • If some tile is not recognized, it tries to guess it with great 99% succession!
    • Recognizes end of the board and treats it as large rock
    • Recognizes whatever tile is under the ship
    • Fancy solution display (not in the video) with manual damage counter (no need to remeber score on your own)

    Weak sides:
    • Does not work in fullscreen
    • Does not count with ship ramming (because it is very rare and the outcome depends on size of ships and enemy moves) which sometime causes stupid move if ships are just next to each other

    Thank you, i am really looking forward to your feedback!
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    looks awesome to me!!

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    very cool, probably some people here can help you lower the weak sides

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    very awesome. I would love to help you out with testing if you are looking for someone.

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    Depending on what you're coding in, I'd be more than happy to help code (If you need a hand). Hit me up on Skype.
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    Wow very impressive stuff, i had to watch the video twice to fully understand what it was about. Like Scarecrow I would also like to help with building your project depending on what language is being used. ( I am yet to meet a person who can code in all languages ), Also I am willing to help Alpha and or BETA test if you still need people to help. Bnav is one of the puzzles I thought would be impossible to figure out logically from a computing point of view so I am a bit ambitious with what you have done. Nice one really..

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    I'm excited to see what the outcome of this will be.

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    Intriguing. I can see this being popular in a couple of months.
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    This looks really cool. I will definitely be contacting you about collecting tiles when I get home.
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    The hype for this has hit the roof :')
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