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Thread: Questions and Answers about Bots.

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    i bought VIP and no bots are showing up in my gift box thing only the junk free things that were there already ( supply crate ) lol .. wheres my bots ?

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    nvm sorry bros i was already logged into the box i had to log out and relog to update to authenticate gonna buy the sword fight bot now .... and the poker bot with the vip... so ill have most of the bots xD in 2 days when im able to gun cani TEST out the gun bot see if its good maybe buy it too

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    well i went back to buy the sf DiS bot i paid it said i got it all that i closed my gift box on pc re opepened to update and nothing no DiS bot only the SF teamer and VIP bots and poker bot i bought no DiS is there yet ..

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    Does the card shark bot includes lifetime access?

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    Quote Originally Posted by denfsf View Post
    Does the card shark bot includes lifetime access?
    All bots are lifetime. Only VIP is a monthly subscription.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Hi I'm curious, would the use of Sandboxie or a VM software for botting be able to avoid getting my PC mac banned? (etc if I'll get banned on VM, will I still be safe to log in with another acc without the VM?)

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