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Thread: Banned.

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    I cant see any ban risk with a manual bot. It must have been something you have done in the past or something else. Remember they track your account for a while. They watch what you do with everything for weeks sometimes.

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    Well, they unbanned me after about 6 emails going both ways, Turns out they are banning for Suspected Botting now. And only unbanning if you "Name all of the bots you have used, where you got them, and the amount of time you have used them." Or just an angry email back to them saying you are a poor 7 year old boy with nothing else to spend a day on.

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    I have been using all the bots.. but didn't get banned, if you used the bots and from Proficient went to Ultimate in a day that's one BIG reason to ban you. When getting yr stats up with bots only try to get them up slowly and don't always do the same pattern as the bots shows, because they can track the patterns as well. I hope you will get um-banned and found this info useful.
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    Can we please stop the speculation on why people are getting banned for only using manuals, it's getting quite annoying when no one knows the 110% truth, it will only be misinterpreted by people.

    If you're scared of getting banned from botting, don't bot, no one is forcing you to use them.

    If anyone else gets banned please post a new thread with detailed information on what bots you've been using and we'll get the information from you and investigate what's going on.

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