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Thread: Ban wave incoming (Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife)

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    nothing to see here

    nothing to see here
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    It's most likely bullshit. I, myself, eavesdropped into a conversation on a Citadel run yesterday as many people speculated that they have already had a wave of bans for the past two weeks and that the botters are going. But I know a few in game botters and no one has be touched yet. It might be all the noobs who still use automated bots, however. Also, 20,000 pirates don't actively play this game, so that's bullshit. There are about 1200 active pirates on the Emerald Ocean, just over 1000 on Meridian and far few on the other oceans. Banning 20,000 pirates will be like banning more than the entire Y!PP Puzzle Pirates server which would be an entirely stupid idea. The best idea is to move precious items to alts, but I for one dismiss this claim.

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    I am guessing a decent amount of people use bots and they would lose most of them in my opinion (I know once I can't use bots anymore I am done playing this game...) So I don't think they would like to lose all of them even if they breach the contract. So they might be pinning over what the best decision is or they could be gathering information like everybody says (or both). I am guessing they have a nice list of people that are going to be banned. However, what I think the best business decision for them would be too embrace this and ban everybody on the current oceans and then open up another ocean where we are free to bot.

    I know this is a radical idea and most likely will not be done but I am going to write the developers and see if they bite. If they opened a ocean that you are free to bot (not cheat like any hacks) and not interfere with others playing then bots should be allowed. This would allow pirates to be active which would allow for blockades, pillages, SMH's, and a overall better ocean in my opinion. They shouldn't waste time on leaderboards or stuff that is used to measure pirates really because it would become meaningless with bots. Also, all of the people you alienate by throwing out botting are kept in their game to possibly buy things from the game (which isn't that what they really want). People would be more apt to buy stuff so they can get other items you can't get without purchasing stuff because they can now afford it because they can bot to get the loot. Granted this might turn some people off and they would think it's stupid, but I think an ocean without dabloons is stupid so I don't see any difference.

    By allowing people to choose which ocean (botting or not) they want to play on you give people the choice of what they want. I think it would help the ocean out especially if many more people did it because we would have more talented pirates. It's something to think about, especially if they are looking at the money side of things which I am guessing they are.
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    I haven't been banned. Your logic is invalid.
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