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Thread: Dreaming in Sprinkles - Update

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    Lightbulb Dreaming in Sprinkles - Update

    An update has been made of Dreaming in Sprinkles, and anyone who has purchased it will be pleased to know they will be receiving the update for free! This version comes with a few updates that you might
    like to hear about.


    New Features

    • Updated combo building algorithm

    Builds larger combos then before using a rewritten algorithm that
    stacks up moves better.

    • Split into two game-play modes

    Players can now opt to use "With Swords!" mode where there is
    greater focus on making blocks rather then grouping pieces better,
    or they can use the "More Sprinkletastically!" mode where the bot
    prioritizes linking of the similar colors more, this causes the bot to
    sprinkle more.

    • Added randomness

    The bot now includes random wait times to make the bot more
    irregular with its keystrokes. The bot also has more randomness
    in the game-play itself. This means that its harder to spot users
    from their opener.

    • Improved piece movement

    Using a rewritten algorithm the bot can now accurately detect were
    pieces can be placed on the board. This means that there will be
    considerably less suicides during the end-game game-play.

    As for when this update will be out... soon... :P

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    It's awesome! Played against it and it's bloody good! Nice update

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    Great News ! Cant wait for the release

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    I read the whole post but somehow missed the last line that says it isn't out yet. xD I opened up DiS and was like wtf? Haha
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    Vouch for this too, I played a few matches against it and got completely raped.

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    great news this will make it the best

    EDIT: with the selection of the type of play sword or sprinkle that means now the sword options will be changed which is the best sword tipe for each class?
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    awesome is all i can say and ill like being able to choose to sprinkle or big ass swords

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    hey, is this out, cause i haunt been on for a long time, or is it still being updated?

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    I see a lot of posts about updates for various bots being released soon, but they never do get released. Why do you tell us about it then never do it? It's kind of offensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elle View Post
    I see a lot of posts about updates for various bots being released soon, but they never do get released. Why do you tell us about it then never do it? It's kind of offensive.
    Till now every update announced got released. I referr to a post of mine but also Scarecrow and others a while back. We announce releases for feedback and more ideas and take ages to release because if there are bugs in a release you guys cry as well. We release fast, you moan, we bugtest for hours, you moan.

    Instead of moaning and whining all the time rather be happy about what you have and what is about to come and please also consider we all do this in our free time. Stop crying and help the community instead.

    //siggy by Poseidon

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