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    Trident VS Poseidon

    Which bot is better when neither are doing anything for tokens? Is Poseidon still better, or are they equal?

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    Without tokening, I generally score higher using Pose then trident.
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    Trident is way better i won with it competition and i got with it #1 and used only the 3 moves using 4 moves well it counts each 4.2-4.7 seconds a move i prefer 3 moves algo
    Tokens are amazing
    POS well 3 moves is slow and 4 moves is very slow and well its ok but not as Trident

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    yeah i think pos is best one. Triedent is a bit slower to find the same combos as pos
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    They both have their ups and downs, Poseidon I find to be generally better if your watching the bot, and you don't want to token, I.E, a pillage, whereas I find Trident to be better for blockades, sea monster hunts, and the rest of sorts, where tokens are needed. Trident is also useful for AFK botting (I don't advise it, but if it happens), as it clicks through all the tutorials and sorts if your still a noob.

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    Trident = Tokens.
    Poseidon = Performance.

    Poseidon has a better algorithm than Trident in terms of performance. But Trident is able to get tokens, whereas Poseidon is not. It is all your personal preference.

    Personally, I use Trident. Getting tokens is awesome.

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    I've used both a lot, and I noticed large differences.

    In terms of stats raising, Poseidon wins. I've never had an incredible with Trident even when it's priorities are set to do so, after about 15 duty reports. Posidon, never gets less than incredible.

    As for tokening, I like to sit there and click obvious tokens for Poseidon to help it, however, Trident manages to get about 40 tokens in one DR. They have their ups and downs.

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