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Thread: Argos Bugs

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    Argos Bugs

    I've been asked to make videos of the bugs Argos has, I've found a few but to help Sageman and Face, I'm trying to gather a list of bugs.

    I'm not talking software bugs, or the fact it doesn't find the station. I want bugs like "It doesn't detect " sorta thing, or that it leaves halfway through the puzzle (If thats the case please SCREENSHOT)

    If you could please just LIST the bugs you think Argos has, so I can investigate and give a good list to Sage to fix, also so I don't miss any :3

    Scarecrow :3

    So far :

    Quote Originally Posted by Dtape View Post

    I've just bought the Argos shipwrightery bot and I must say, this bot is amazing, it's really good at what it does.
    Though, lots of people here complain about Argos, that it doesn't really get their rank up or even lower it.
    So I've been examining Argos and noticed my shipwrightery did go down too, I was respected and after using the bot I became distinguished.
    But how does a perfectly fine bot gets our ranks down? You all complain but nobody is looking at what the bot does and does NOT do...
    Argos doesn't recognize some pieces of the puzzle which makes it perform less good. So far I have 5 pieces it doesn't recognize: the shackle, the sail, the knee, the helm and the bowsprit.
    It isn't that bad but what if those 3 or 4 pieces appear at the same board, Argos will not clear the pieces and will only work with the 2 or 3 others that it does recognize, this will make the bot perform less good, which is the cause of lower rankings, atleast it is in my case.
    I've had a couple of boards where he only used 3 pieces cause he didn't recognize the others.

    TL;DR: Argos does not recognize every piece ( shackle, knee, bowsprit, sail, helm)

    So for the coders out there, I hope this helps you guys

    - Dtape

    Quote Originally Posted by fireballchad View Post
    It looks like Argos has stopped recognizing these pieces. Gangway, Sail, and Helm.

    I've redownloaded it a few times.

    Is it only me or are others having this issue also?

    It also fails to find the shackle, and bowsprit.

    Edit might just be due to running in XP in VMWare

    Another bug is it does not recognize when it cannot make a move period and should quit the puzzle.
    (Found it sitting there moving the pieces around randomly to make something. There was 0 sail pieces and every item required at least one. It should quit in these situations.)
    Please post any others below.
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    My name is Sobo and I endorse this post (^^) on behalf of Faceman

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    I know I posted my twice on bot supply, now just have to find them.

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    Gonna bump this guys! I really do need a list of bugs to check out!

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    Well this bot has gotten me to renowned but everytime it finishes doing lets say 10 games it will open another and let it booch bringing the stat back down to master. So basically it stations an extra time but then doesn't solve the extra game.

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    hi i just bought argos and it clicks on the station and then do nothing stays frozen on the puzzle withow making a move

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