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    Need Screenshots/Ships to test on

    Been working on a Pillage/Sea Monster Haunt and I need some screenshots and messages since I do not actively have a pirate on Puzzle Pirrates

    1. The Treasure Haul Pop-up in the Ahoy Screen when TH is available - Gotten

    2. A random active treasure haul board

    3. Every Message you get when you get into a Foraging Expedition or Viking Expedition before the actual Forage board is shown or the gunnery board.

    4. A random Gunnery board - Gotten

    5. A random Forage Board. - Gotten

    If anyone can get any of this screenshots, please post it in this tread and by all means blur out everyway the screenshot can be linked to your pirate please.

    Another Favor i need from anyone is : If you have any Limited Edition ships i can test the bot on it would be really appreciated especially the very rare LE ships,

    ** I reserve the right to delete anyone from my skype once the service being rendered is no longer of use to me, don't take it personal please**

    **I don't read PMs, anything posted that requires my attention needs to be posted here and once a screenshot matching my request is posted, there is no need for another one of the same type to be posted for the sake of spam prevention**
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    TH image, should be in the pillagebot that I did that might still be in your dropbox.

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