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Thread: Untaint

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    Looking for a fully super deep untaint method without getting banned for evasion, also without using VPNs or proxies or change my router..

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    With those last 2 conditionals, only other method would be to apply for citizenship in the closest neighboring country with a new laptop.

    In all seriousness though, the method preached by many is the only way to do so. I know I'm beating a dead horse at this point but following the steps below should stop your evasion bans;
    1) Using registry to reset Javasoft preferences + MAC Address + Device/Hardware ID (Do a quick google search for #1 and #3, you can also do #2 without using regedit by accessing your router settings or using a custom MAC address using software such as TMAC)
    2) A new IP = VPN or call your ISP (I'm not quite sure why you're so against the idea of a VPN, but re-using the same IP address over and over is just asking to be ban #1~10 when Hera/Nemesis decides to drop the hammer+changing your IP shouldn't be a problem either since I'm sure you're using a static IP, use the ipconfig command in a cmd prompt or search how to manually change IP in google)
    3) Delete hash.dat file in %appdata% - Three Rings Design (If I'm correct this is basically what logs/marks your PC as "tainted", find it, delete it)
    4) Clean uninstall YPP, Java and all related files (Don't simply use the Change or Uninstall Programs function on your control panel, get an uninstaller software online that will search your registry and other files for any traces of whatever you're uninstalling. Again, a quick google search will direct you to relevant software)
    5) If you want to be really sure, change your computer name/Microsoft account that's tied to whatever desktop you're using to play Puzzle Pirates. I try to be extra sure and just delete all my screenshots and logs from past pirates, but I think that's overkill.

    Going back to Mehfailz's and other members' posts from the past though, following all these steps will still get you banned at one point. This is because no matter how you try and wiggle through Hera's tight grip, you will always be using the same router to connect to the internet. Any close look into your account will show the ID of said router, and if it is tied to any router ID in the past, ban incoming.

    All this being said, unless you're going to actually get the full-course untaint by getting a new router, VPN, etc - your account will get banned at one point. But if you'd like to keep your account for longer, try not to be so obvious in suggesting every other player that you're a botter/ban evader. This may include, but is not limited to:
    - Don't go straight up hitting Solid/Leg rigs and bilge a week into making your account, better yet getting the generic Oceanus/Aethyr/Blowhard DR on any pillage/SMH.
    - If you're skilled at the non-botted puzzles, also refrain from getting a ridiculous standing in those puzzles; realistically, no 1-2 week old pirate is going to get such standings/DRs in an ocean such as Emerald.
    - Do yourself a favor and turn off trade/global for a couple weeks, seeing chats from friends from your old account and references no new pirate would know just increases your chances to look like a ban evader.
    - Don't AFK bot, especially on the navy. No sane human being is going to sit on those merchant brigs for hours grinding one puzzle. If you so sincerely have to, use the private navy after getting the stats to unlock that mission.
    - Don't alt bash sf/rumble/td/drinking to narrow/GM for a couple weeks.
    - If you're not playing to quickly offload poe for a quick buck, don't curbstomp nubs on the table/tournies with a new account.
    - Troll around a bit, ask dumb questions. Make sure you're not stacking /complains from other players to your account, it just brings more reason for OMs to look into your account later. This includes /complains from botting, possible evading, verbal abuse, etc etc.
    - Last pro tip, try and avoid Addy kades or any *competitive* (I'm being generous with how emmy kade scene looks rn, ik) 10k+ seg kades for a bit. Those kades are prime times for OMs to look at accounts and flail the ban hammer around. If you're really short on PoE and really REALLY need to get kade pay, try /fw Narya or individually /w-ing any of the active OMs before you job for a kade ship.

    Happy evading, hope your account evades the ban hammer as well as the CCP did for their part in the coronavirus.
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