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Thread: Multi-client botting

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    It's not worth doing.
    I've created multiple VMs and ran multiple accounts with unique VPN connection points/IPs but when you enter a high paying blockade, you tend to get spotted fairly quickly as a botter and banned manually by the game's OMs. They're still active on weekends, sadly.

    Good luck, though.

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    There's ways around it- ones that I'm not willing to disclose in public. For one, it helps to tinker with bot settings so the DR isn't excellent/1 row of tokens for rigs, incredible/5-6 tokens for bilge, excellent/1 row of tokens for patch ... and so on. If you plan on multi-botting during blockades/SMHs long-term and have a safe setup to clean poe/items, invest some time in lazing on the navy (private preferred, not the public MBs) and puzzling a bit yourself so your statline simply isn't Solid/Leg rigs, patch and bilge.

    Some personal tips:
    + open all your VMs before going to sleep with an anti-afk on sails, guns, dnav), and self-puzzle all of them to distinguished-master at solid/weighty; the last part shouldn't take more than ~10 mins per account (you could say it's not worth your time but you can churn out one "legit-looking" account everyday for 2 weeks, and by the end of the month you have plenty that are much less likely to be banned)
    ++ if you want to go a step further do it with crafting puzzle sessions that don't have a timer (i.e put all your VMs on alch, IM, foraging or weaving and set the timer to the amount of time required for each experience rank increase; once you get to solid you can do the same and just leave them on overnight, wake up and clear each puzzle = hit weighty, manually puzzle to desired standing at desired exp level, so on)
    +++ as an extension to the above you can write something on your own that will press play again once the timer for the timed puzzles (distilling, SW) so you can farm exp on those too- make a little poe as a side gig as welll.
    (Of course do the crafting puzzles on free days, and preferably on a dead stall in an inactive island, so a rando doesn't see you puzzling for 5-6 hours)
    ++++ if you're really paranoid (I don't personally do this), you can use the alts to alt bash your main pirate so u can be solid/ult sf rumble td drinking and trigger stat whores on the leaderboard as a bonus. You can also alternate accounts for spades/hearts; if you have a handful of them there should be enough number of permutations between them so that you can hit a bold-faced exp level even with the exp timer limit.

    Is it worth it in the end? Not really, especially if you're not planning on selling the poe short-term and have a decked out main you wish to keep unbanned. Even with these steps, auto botting always carries a risk of being banned, its just that accounts stay alive for a lot longer this way from personal experience (and your VMs dont get banned in r3 with 200k in kade pay)

    Happy botting!
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