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    Manual/Automatic Ban Rate?

    Hey All,

    Just coming back from a few years of being inactive so I'm a little behind on the bots and their current ban rate (VIP bots, not single-purchase)

    I know in past (2017~) I ran the bots for maybe 6-7 hours at a time on automatic mode only and was banned on two separate accounts. I'm not mad at that as I know that was not a smart decision; just curious as to:

    1) Have any of the ban rates changed and/or is it safe to use auto for that long on any of the bots?
    2) Are there any current bots that are now null/not as good anymore (I've caught up on some post for Flaming Balls and the Aeolus not being too hot)

    Any help is always appreciated.

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    Hey, welcome back!

    Use manual mode whenever you can, they are undetectable. Automatic not so much.

    As for VIP bots, use Aethyr, Inferno or Poseidon. All of the bots still score decent, but we had a few newer releases (such as Oceanus) over the past few years. They are cheap and when we host sales they get even cheaper. Just pick a few favourites along the way and have fun botting.

    Enjoy your stay!
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