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    Bots like PuzzleBot Rigger

    Hi, I'm curious why there have not been many other bots like Buypoe's old Puzzlebot Rigger that allowed you to multiclient while the bot performed incredibly in the background. I just bought VIP and the bots it comes with seem like a lower quality compared to the bots i remember from back in that era around 2012. I'm curious if there would be an easy way to attach a bot to a specific open game client, and allow it to run in the background while you did the exact same thing on another client, etc. Since the automatic movement of these bots don't even move my actual cursor anyways, i feel like maybe this could be accomplished like the old puzzlebot rigger?

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    I think it was highly detected so it was not suitable for future bot releases.
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    Run a VM and bot on pp there while you use your computer as normal

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