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    Open-Sourced Blacksmithing

    I found this open-sourced blacksmithing bot, and I can't seem to get it to work.

    Any ideas? I noticed it doesn't use images to reference but breaks down pixels to their actual color values and uses the relative positioning to click.

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    You're gonna get banned straight away if you use that. It doesn't have any human mouse movement, it looks like it just teleports the cursor:

    If you want help anyway, post the exact error you're getting

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    I'm not having any compile-time errors so-to-speak running Python 2.7, but when I run the program, it hits the bottom right corner of the board and then prints a path from 1 to 34, then moves onto a "silver board," a board in which all pieces have been struck once. I'm having trouble locating where this goes wrong as the logic seems fine to me.

    Also, would implementing a human wind mouse movement, randomized clicks, and randomized time intervals fix the problem of detection?

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