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Thread: Gunning Bot?

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    Gunning Bot?

    Hey guy's,

    So I've tried a few of the bots and I was curious about the gunning bots. There's two available and I was curious what everyone's opinion is on either "Flaming balls' gunning" or "Shots Fired", how do they compare and how do you feel price wise between the $75 and $20 bot. Just curious if I should spent the $75 or if the $20 one is just as efficient.


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    honostly i own both bots and i find both of them good in their own aspects, flaming balls is good for the fact that it can load all 4 cannons no matter what the board is although it can have the odd chance that i may screw up big time, but with shots fired it is much better with loading cannons but it will most of the time only load 3 cannons and it may spend about 1 - 2 mins just finding a board that it likes, but ask for a trial of both bots and see what fits your style, hopefully some future updates will come out for shots fired.

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