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    Blowhard very slow


    Any reason Blowhard sometimes works super fast for me. then other days it crawls and barely can complete the board in time?

    I cant seem to figure it out cause I can freshly restart my computer and it crawls and then when my computer is busy streaming ect ect. it runs like a boss.


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    I think thats due to the way it was coded.

    When you have no stress on your computer the CPU will throttle down but that also has an affect on the bot (e.g the bot moves slower too).

    I don't know if any updates are planned or if it even is fixable (im not a coder), but for now the best thing would be to enjoy some streams - e.g getting the cpu out of the idle/energy saving mode - while botting.

    I hope that helped.

    Edit: Can ye check if you can turn off the energy saving mode? Maybe have increase the minimum speed of the CPU?
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