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Thread: General Review

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    General Review

    After Bought and testing most of the bots (not all of them) here is my general review.
    Ps : I'll talk only about the best bot in each category (not gonna talk about poseidon when Oceanus is doing better)

    Oceanus (Bilge)

    Maximum Reputation : Ultimate
    Incredible capable : YES
    Tokening : Good
    Thralling : No
    Manual mode : Perfect

    The bot is able to do nearly constant incredible BUT
    the tokening is not his very best (only 2-3 token per different kind of token each Break)
    The manual is easy to use, just click where it says and done ^^
    Idea for thralling mode : Whenever there is 1 up and1 down part of the token, stop making best building but focus to the get the token could be one solution) it will get the fame level down but at least it will work

    Aethyr (Rig)

    Maximum Reputation : Ultimate
    Incredible capable : YES
    Tokening : Great
    Thralling : Excellent
    Manual mode : Perfect

    The bot is doing excellent/incredible results
    The Tokening mode is good BUT it would be better if we could choose the needed token as the patching bot or letting us choosing 1 (see below).
    At least there is a thralling option so no problem for CI's ^^
    The manual is easy to use, just drag and drop ^^ it would be great if we had a reminder where is the start and where is the finnish point.

    Blowhard (Patching)

    Maximum Reputation : Legendary
    Incredible capable : NO
    Tokening : Perfect
    Thralling : Perfect
    Manual mode : No

    This is one of the most best but also the most frustrating bot. As the only thing missing to the bot is speed. (I know it is nerfed to not have only botters of the top of ranking ^^ but at least let us having 1 incredible )
    Tokening is the best as you can choose which token you want to get and which are minor.
    Same thing for thralling.
    Manual mode idea, just show use how should be the result in a new window so we just have to copy it manually ^^

    Wood of thought (Carping)

    Maximum Reputation : ???
    Incredible capable : ???
    Tokening : ???
    Thralling : ???
    Manual mode : Yes

    I don't think i liked it but it able to get some good/excs. At least there is a manual mode.
    So as i don't fully tested, i cannot say more.
    Manual mode shows whereto put next pieces so its up to you ^^

    Shots Fired ( Gunning )

    Maximum Reputation : Legendary (Ultimate capable ?)
    Incredible capable : YES
    Manual mode : No

    Before everything, you shouldset the speed at max or it wouldn't work. Also still have some problems when the bot things he filled the gun with something but actually didn't so this get your reputation down in your session.
    Also it should have an option to NOT change the board and continue from an already started board.
    But when used in navy, works perfectly.

    Stardust (DNAV)

    Maximum Reputation : Legendary (Ultimate capable ?)
    Incredible capable : Yes
    Manual mode : No

    Nearly Constant Incs after having solid experience (yeah you need to practice a bit before getting results)
    Manual mode idea , just having the list of imputs would be enough like (U L L D R R Space etc);

    Dreaming in spirkles (SF)

    Maximum Reputation : Depends if you win ^^
    Manual mode : yes

    Maybe not the best way to SF but good enough to do the work on CI and so... but will not beat the best PVP players.

    Overhaul (TH)

    Maximum Reputation : ???
    Incredible capable : Yes
    Manual mode : Yes

    I didn't have done a lot of TH so I don't know what he is ale to do ^^ but constant excs with me.
    Manual mode as easy as bildging. Just click and done.

    Inferno (Blacksmithing)

    Maximum Reputation : Ultimate #1 capable
    Incredible capable : YES
    Manual mode : Perfect

    Just let the magic do the show ^^ I didn't do it enough to get an interesting rep but i'll let you know
    Only sometimes, there is a chance to get a masterpiece even if you couldn't finish a layer ... so manual mode can be more interesting.

    Argos (Shipwrighting)

    Maximum Reputation : Legendary (Ultimate capable ?)
    Incredible capable : YES
    Manual mode : not very a manual mode but just an image of what should be the board result before mathing pieces to do combo.

    Generally, You are doing a very good job Bot Supply thx for all
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    stardust ult = yes

    - - - Updated - - -

    aethyr = ult yes plus #1 bilge #1 too maybe....

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    Argos Shipwright and Blow hard patching all stopped working for me 4 days ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan Hynes View Post
    Argos Shipwright and Blow hard patching all stopped working for me 4 days ago!
    Problem solved.
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    Nice reviews and I agree with them all. I am stugging to get Ulti rigs though! Im stuck on Leg which is really annoying lol. Im not allow to get Incredis with it

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    Blowhard Patching can and will get you Incredibles but they are so few and far between. I have received an Incredible from the bot on two occasions, I'd put the chance of getting one at less than 0.01%.

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