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    Clarification on "Shots Fired" Bot?

    I'm having issues with the "Shots Fired" bot, but I've also been very hands-off with it so looking for clarification on how to operate it, or bring attention to a bug.

    I have puzzle speed at max, minimum screen dimensions, and at 16bit.

    The bot only loads a maximum of two cannons, and always the bottom two, then seems to get confused. It will either go unresponsive immediately after loading cannon #2, or it will start dumping pieces off the board and gets stuck like that. Is the bot only meant to load two at a time, where I would need to manually stop and start the bot again?

    The other issue is that it will at times continually dismiss boards before eventually stalling out on the deck. I assume it's looking for a better board initially, though I don't know if the latter part is intended or not.

    Thank you very much for any help!

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    Wow two? Wouldnt even do one for me. Lol

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