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    Bots not working need help or refund


    I bought the VIP Package
    also i bought many other bots totaling to over 100 bucks at least

    Everytime i open the supplycrate, and open the game they don't work

    Now they do open and download the bots so i do get the bot window

    but when i click on start or play just nothing works at all

    i used to put it on automatic and it used to bilge for example now it doesn't do anything nor does SF nor anything litrally nothing is working

    i played with the settings and resolutions and nothing s working at all omly thing that works is The Rig bot Sometimes

    Can someone plz help me or if the moderator can help me plz or just give me a refund till this is figured out ive already wasted enough time and days from my subscription and no one is able to help

    Looking forward to hearing from someone specially the mods if they can

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    Add me on Skype I'll take a look at it.

    (Send me yours in a PM)
    Who do you think you are?

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