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    Shots Fired wont go on gunning board

    So about 75% of the time I'm trying to use Shots Fired, upon clicking start, it'll just click on a random space on the screen. Basically anything that isnt the gunning station, like the floorboards. It'll just click that and do nothing more. If I manually enter a station and start it, nothing happens either. Any advice would be great

    Screen size : 800x600
    Location : Navy WB
    OS : Windows 10

    Edit : It now appears to be clicking on the Carp station about 50% of the time, and the floorboards for the remainder

    Edit #2 : Flaming Balls is clicking on Carp and Sails station almost all the time, and floorboards for the remainder. It seems both gunning bots have problems looking for the board. I've tried adjusting screen size but it doesnt change anything either

    Edit #3 : Reclienting and restarting computer does not help. Same problems.

    Edit #4 : Both Flaming Balls and Shots Fired are crashing after multiple attempts of trying to run them. Windows detected error, etc etc, closed.
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    u can maybe add me on Skype and ill see if i know a way to get it fixed, adding mehfailz would be better but he might be busy iunno

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