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    Banned instantly after using TKO

    So ive never been banned, but I used TKO for the first time yesterday, and today i got banned. I logged in, went on a pilly, did a rumble match (to test the bot), logged off, woke up this morning, logged in, and im banned. I never bot and go AFK, and i use express VPN.

    I only really use the patch bot, and ive never had any problems for the years i have been using it (ive never got banned). The first time i use this rumble bot, i get banned instantly.

    Shame my pirate got brought down because of a new release which clearly hadnt been tested properly.

    wouldnt reccommend if you dont want to loose your pirate.

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    if you were banned for botting, go for an apeal write you confess to botting and you will never do it again . just my oppinion on what has the best chances on an unban, if its ban evasion u were banned for though ur chances just dropped dramatically

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