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    Bots on new Steam ocean

    Hey guys
    Wanted to know if its safe to use the premium bots on steam. Will i get Vac ban if i use them there?

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    YPP servers are not VAC secured so you won't get a VAC ban . You can get banned from Puzzle Pirates if you open the bots and go afk and don't respond to people etc. otherwise they're really safe to use .

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    You won't be getting a VAC ban since Puzzle Pirates is not a Valve-Anti-Cheat secured server.
    Who do you think you are?

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    But will they pass data over from steam to YPP server?
    Like for example: YPP reads your steam profile name/ID + billing email address and saves them into their server. If this happens, they can pretty much track everyone back who are ban evading no?

    Because some people on steam already mentioned they got caught ban evading using steam within few days of release on steam.

    Also steam won't let you use VPN after you started steam client from what i saw with certain games. It just simply changes back to old IP or cause disconnecting issue when doing so. And if VPN is being used before going on steam, steam client will probably lock your account since A: against ToS or B: different IP Geo location for security purpose.

    So how can we solve this problem? Do we still login with Username & PW for YPP Obsidian or it uses your steam to connect?

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