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    Shots Fired Issues

    I recently purchased the Shots Fired bot and am finding it to be really really rough to get to work right.

    I tried it on two different PC's with the following specs;

    i7-2600k/32gb RAM - Win10 (note this one runs in 4k, but works for all other bots well normally).
    i7-6500U/8gb RAM - Win10

    On both PC's I was lucky to get the bot to work at all. The first couple of uses resulted the bot moving my mouse to the cannon but then (I assume) missing the duty button and instead just sitting above the cannon. If I moved my mouse manually to the cannon it would automatically jump me into the puzzle, and then it was a 50/50 if it actually loaded 3 cannons or just sat there idle.

    When it worked I also noticed that after loading 3 cannons it would slowly move to abandon the puzzle and then I would again idle unless I used the ctrl+r command to restart it again.

    On the PC 2 it worked just once and the rest of the times when I would move my mouse to get myself into the puzzle it wouldn't do anything and I'd have to manually abandon it (The ctrl+s and ctrl+f keys didn't help in this instance).

    1) What's going on and what can I try to get it working?
    2) Is there anyway to get it to automatically re-station after loading the cannons?
    3) Can I make the mouse move faster when it's moving to set an arrow or leave the puzzle? As it stands the speed at which the mouse moves is painfully slow.

    Frustrated with this bot, which is a shame as I've been able to get all the others I've bought just fine

    As a side note, this bot would really do well with some kind of notification/check box like most of the others to indicate it's working (Same thing goes for the Patching bot).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Shit, I didn't see the technical support forum. Can someone move this there for me?

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    1) PM me your Skype.
    2) Thought about this, but would make detection much easier.
    3) No... /me glares at Sticky

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