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    Question about stardust bot

    Anyone ever got banned for using stardust automatic mode or any bot that uses keypresses (without mouse movements)?
    Can they even detect keypresses events and prove it's a bot? I understand that they can analyze our mouse movements and detect if its a bot, but if the press-time between each move is absolute everytime I think they can detect it's a bot aswell when forcing keypress?
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    Botting always entails a risk of getting banned, however, I havent heard of any bans in a long time.

    Star also has a manual mode, so you could try that out
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    1 thing though. im curious about myself . i have used every bot on here for trial or purchase use. ive been using them. I havnt been banned. But i dont Bot for hours while sleeping. i bot while playing to achieve higher scores then i normally would in puzzles im not as good in or if i just feel like being lazy and not trying... all my stats are gm-legendary im not banned. i used auto mode where the bot bots for me. manual mode would be a waste to pay for so im hoping ur auto bot has protection. the manual glitches and doesnt rly show where u would put a piece if u set it to auto it wouldnt do the manuel movements it says to do in manuel so its kinda messed up. idc if i get banned 1 time every few months. thats usualy how cheaters in games work. i just dont wanna get banned weekly. Also id like to know if anyone has tips on being safer with your money in game? any tips to move money around to avoid being banned with ur items ? what things can i do to avoid linking accounts tracing trades like i bot on an account thats captain of a crew... lmfao i was gonna make my friend captain or an alt.

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    well obviously you shouldnt be botting while sleeping lol not a good idea , also you shouldnt be botting unless you know you can stay around your computer for the duration of the session you are on like CIT , CI or Pillies . you dont want to be ZzZ while hitting increds on duty report . also if you want to hit #1 you can set a ship to swabbie transport , set a long distance and just keep going back and forth getting incred or excellents along the way . you will hit ultimate for sure , maybe also #1 on that certain puzzle

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