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Thread: Really unhappy.

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    Really unhappy.

    I paid 40 dollars for DiS and it commits suicide while playing, and randomly slows down midgame. It is really buggy, I messaged Face around a week ago and he said I could have a refund. Yet it's a week later and I have had no update?

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    It randomly slows down to stall when its getting to the top. If it's doing it at any other time then you may not have a strong enough computer and be laggy. Ive been using DiS for years on several different computers and several VMs and never have these issues. Well the occasional misflip/suicide but usually its because something disrupted it. Face is a good guy, I am sure he just forgot or something. No worries :P

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    Yeah I did just forget hehe, lot of things going on lately.

    Go ahead and re-PM it to me and I'll get you taken care of.
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