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Thread: [FREE] The Agent - Chat Monitoring Bot

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    [VERIFIED] The Agent - Chat Monitoring Bot

    Hi mates,
    I made a chat monitor that will notify when an event (to your choice) is happening, for example, when someone sends you a tell, or the pillage has ended.
    I made this bot for myself because I like activating some bot and then go studying, but because I'm pretty social at the game I'm always afraid that someone would send me a tell and I won't respond or a rumble battle begins and I'm always like: "But I was afk for just a second! I am sorry guys...".
    Anyway I think you will enjoy this too.

    Now for the technical stuff:
    Here is the bot,

    (Verified By Sticky SHA1 of the executable: 63ea989277c672f3211c2fd551a0941ec4983d06)
    How to use:
    * As you can see you need to input your chat log path.
    * The default events are the ones in the image.
    * When you add a listener, a new empty line will appear in the end of the table.
    - Name, is just the name of the listener for you to know what it listens for.
    - Key Phrase, is the phrase the bot searches in the chat.
    - Type, don't mind this for now, I want that in the future there will be different sound notifications for different events.
    * To activate the new listener you need press "Save Changes".
    * To delete a listener, clear the "Key Phrase" of the listener and press "Save Changes".
    * "Reset Listeners" clear the table and insert the default listeners (the ones in the image above).

    Download Settings Update (1.1.0)
    Switch between the downloaded settings to the one the 'The Agent' folder
    Update 1.1.0
    Now Supports:
    - Whisper
    - Received an Order
    - Ship Entered Port
    - Pillage: Battle started, Grappled, Battle Ended
    - Server Reboot
    - Entered Dangerous Waters
    - Forage Expo: Started, Ended (untested)
    - TH: Stared, Ended (untested)
    - Entered Citadel
    - Blockade: Entered Battle, Blockade Over

    I hope you will find it useful too,
    Have fun!
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    Please have it verified first.

    Send the source to Sticky so we can make sure its not malicious.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Sure I will, but don't you think that if it was a malware I would give Sticky the "Clean" version of my code...
    The best solution is to activate it on a sand box and check for any malicious activity (e.g. Sending data to unknown IP).
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    how long does it take to verified?

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    I already sent Sticky the source code, now it depends on him...

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    still waiting for this

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    Looks okay. (SHA1 of the executable: 63ea989277c672f3211c2fd551a0941ec4983d06)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
    Looks okay. (SHA1 of the executable: 63ea989277c672f3211c2fd551a0941ec4983d06)

    Quote Originally Posted by anwar90 View Post
    still waiting for this

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    Downloading this right now bro, I like to see a movie or study too when I bot in PP so this is awesome for me, thanks a lot!

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    Is anyone able to download this? I keep clicking download but nothing happens. I have tried all three download buttons.

    Or, if you know of an alternative let me know. Ideally looking for something that will auto post a message for me every X minutes and/or notify me of specific keywords in the chat log.
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