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    Are you retarded? It's extremely hard to lose ult with Pose no matter what your experience is, unless of course you're mentally challenged. A friend of mine has NEVER lost ult at Revered experience and he constantly bilges, he even tokens whilst using Pose on Ci's.
    As for the questions you were asking, Severn clearly states in earlier posts

    'Trident has a few features you may be interested in...

    In can search for moves to depths of three and four moves ahead like Poseidon
    In is multithreaded, so it can take advantage of people's computer if they have more then one core
    Automatically clicks on the screen for you, and hits the play button if necessary
    Has toggle-able token mode in which you can prioritise different objectives (All Tokens, CI Token, Golden Pump, Sparkling Pump)
    It has an ultimate algorithm and can get any pirate ultimate in a few hours of use

    As for that illustrious stat, well that was just my testing account, so I just left the bot on for long periods of time to make sure it didn't have any bugs. I think the total amount of bilge time for illustrious is 64 hours of bilging though '

    Btw, you must have a pretty poor computer if 'Pwnage' mode fails for you.
    I'm not retarded. I have a Core i7 with 6GB of RAM. My post is correct, it drops.
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