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    Spec guidelines for botting?

    I only play pp on a laptop so i was wondering, it has an amd-a8 4555 processor and and 4 GB of ram is that alright for running any of the bots or is there some that i should avoid?

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    Well that's a notebook processor so you might come across some problems with Inferno or Poseidon's 4 depth mode (3 depth should work fine)

    Some like Blowhard, Oceanus (nearly ready to release), Stardust, and Dreaming in Sprinkles are particularly lightweight and you should have no problems running them.

    Keep an eye out early next month I'll put out a bot trial.

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    Aethyr is fairly lightweight too - even with tokening on etc. On very low spec machines it tends to just lag when moving the pieces but it continues to score very well.

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