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    best way to use Trident Bilge

    what is the best way to use this bot? auto or manual? and which tokening settings should i use for high tokens and high score?

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    Trident is trash, go buy Poseidon. Except that will be trash when they supercede it with Oceanus. So really you're screwed either way.

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    I really like Trident and use it often.

    I find the Auto mode is fine (and i often run it fastest anyway), but i do run the risk of being banned as a result.

    The manual mode is perfectly safe and can perform just as well also (even better if you use high depth and start to see the actual moves, you dont have to wait for it to calculate).

    If tokening i usually have it set to Golden - not much point going for sparklling as tokens+increds is hard for the bot. and you can get 1-2 lines of tokening depending on board.

    Interms of Depth, 4 depth is better, it calculates more so it takes a lot longer (which is why the new bilger will be better) However if running on a virtual machine, or your Comp is slow as it is be inmind how long it takes (it will say X move calculated in time.

    Depth of 3 is decent enough and far quicker. and i would use 3, if depth of 4 took anything longer then 4 seconds

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    It's an interesting question. I use Trident with auto a lot and haven't really had any issues. I crank up the speed to 9/10 but I do adjust it if I don't want to score too high.

    The problem with 4 moves is it uses a lot of CPU to produce moves - on a laptop that's not new this will slow it down to moving once every 5-10 seconds so it's far from ideal. The way the game scores, means if there's about 5 seconds of delay on each move then you're OK. If it reaches above that, then you're not producing enough moves to prevent your score from decaying.

    For tokening, always use depth of 3. I find sometimes that setting the priority to Golden is usually sufficient for a good mix of scoring and tokens. Sparkling is hit and miss - it may reach a good score or it might just be as good as Golden. I adjust my priority every couple of reports to reduce/increase score/tokens.

    I find Manual mode good for when you need to switch stations often, if you're not in a blockade, if you aren't running multiple clients or if you want a little more control over getting specific tokens.

    There's a bug in Trident - fairly rare - which will get stuck switching two of the same piece and loop forever (it is slightly missing the correct move nearby). Not only will it tank your score, it will also probably increase your chance of being detected. ALWAYS be monitoring when using Auto mode - without exception. To escape the bug - just nudge your mouse outside of the area where the bot is trying to click and it usually finds the correct move. Otherwise, just make a move elsewhere and it will recalculate.
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    thanks so much for your input guys its helped alot

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    great tokening bot but will oceanus have a tokening mode also?

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