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    Spools of Silk, move and start speed

    So tried Spools of Silk, and for some reason it's Way to slow to barely even move one peice, yet alone set up a board,
    All trying to get it to work has done is kill 'decent' patching stat already

    Sometimes it doesnt even seem to identify the board.,
    anyone have any luck or also struggling with it?

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    Apparently it's fine now and performing.. decently.
    for some reason it just was misperforming earlier

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    For me SoS varies. sometimes its slow enough that it doesnt finish the board
    sometimes its fast. idk what affects it.

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    A lot of mouse movement libraries in C# are dependant on background processes running. It's the reason I ported most of my HMM algorithms to the WindMouse Algorithm as it seems to perform slightly better when my computer is under a higher load (Than my own shitty algorithm).

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