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Thread: Flaming balls

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    Flaming balls

    Hey guys

    So i purchased this bot a long time ago, the bot isn't very good, balls of steel was much better in my opinion.
    I am just wondering if there is a new gunning bot on its way because if so i would love to get my hands on it

    Flaming balls stalls a lot, has issues with start up at times, cannot be used for smh or pillage gunning at all and all round it fails quite hard at being a reliable bot (not that it cant do what it needs to, but just doesn't do it in a way to be useful). The main issue is that it fails to pick up on what pieces it needs to fill. At times the bot mistakingly thinks that it has put a certain piece in and that will result in an incomplete gun.

    Face if you guys are working on a new gunning bot some info would be much appreciated and if possible a estimated release date would also be very appreciated.


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    Well I didn't want to say anything but there is a pretty good chance that maybe there is a gunning bot being tested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eiyzak View Post
    Hey face, is this bot going to be better the puzsol gunning bot? that bot literally got me to #1 gunning back in the day and was ult capable no matter how bad your computer was, if this bot that you guys are testing could match that level of consistency it would make this new bot worth every single penny i have saved up
    True that, I have 2 Benjamin's with your name on it if you release another balls of steal.

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