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Thread: Aethyr/Overhaul: How YOU use it

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    Question Aethyr/Overhaul: How YOU use it

    Hey guys,
    I've recently bought Aethyr and Overhaul. Sadly I tried out alot but with Aethyr I only get constant Excellents but rarely an Incred.
    I am using 2 Depth and No Token Priority. In Overhaul I just haven't really understood the Scoring system and never got better than Master, maybe YOU can tell me, how you use those bots and what scores that brings to you. I am open for some tips to get the best performance, thanks in advance

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    hello mate , I use aetyr too and I like it so much , it gives excel-incred even if solid - gm now but is nice and can get you easy ultimate , I leave it max prirority in tokens , doesn't matter much this I guess only if you go on smhs . I don't know about overhaul but it should be good as I saw many players paragon ultimate sublime ulti and so on

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    Ty for that response. But i'd like to hear some tips for the settings or something like that. Because i really want to improve the Scores.

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    Tbh it's really hard to get increds anymore.
    Blame me.
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