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Thread: Stardust V2

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    Stardust V2

    Stardust V2 - Manual edition
    Stardusters rejoice, for a massive update has been released!


    • Stardust now supports manual usage.

    • New nicer looking UI

    • Bot settings are automatically saved/loaded between sessions

    • Bot should booch even less on automatic mode

    • Bot can now press the "Play!" button

    • For memorization purposes the bot can now press "Sail", or "Port" if at end of destination

      • The bot does not make an attempt to evade hostile ships. Always monitor your bot while memorizing.

    • Custom performance: If you don't want to appear a superior navigator you can easily adjust the bots performance

      • Any performance setting lower than "Max" will limit the bots performance. "High" will try to keep the performance indicator shiny and not sparkly, "Medium" will try to keep it bright and not shiny, etc.

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    So like, does this perform better than the previous one which could only get GrandMaster? Like I assume "Max" was the previously highest/only possible setting for the bot, and now you made options for it to perform at different intended rates? @Emaziz

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    Just checked out the updated bot, looks very clean. +1 for adding useful things too !

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    I have it for a while and it has only booched once that I can remember so less than 1 booch is fantastic!

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    I can definitely say this bot is way to good to be true got me to legendary without any problems also very useful for memming the ocean

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    Can I get a price on this slowzx1 is skype

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowzx View Post
    Can I get a price on this slowzx1 is skype
    It's for sale here:

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