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    DNav Bot

    Hey all,

    Been a long time since I have played YPP, but decided to return. Glad to see all the bots I purchased individually are still available to me, and Ill be hopping on that ViP here soon enough. But, my question regards the DNav bot.

    Why so expensive?
    I'd love to have it, to be honest. Between cargo transport and memming the oceans, I would love to have it, but not at 150 dollars. Will this price be going down at some point? I also feel it would sell more if it was a lower price.
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    I think one of the mods promised never to lower the price, even in the bot marathon where all prices were discounted 15 procent, it remained at 150.

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    It's a very great bot, and runs really smooth. The work behind it is probably the reason for the high cost. Honestly, I'd say $150 is a very fair price, for a bot that great. Afaik. it can easily gain you ultimate, even heard something about #1. Don't hang me up on the #1 thing though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quizan View Post
    it can easily gain you ultimate
    my bot is good and it still took a little hyperranking to get full ultimate

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    I understand, but a bot that can't obtain Ult without hyperranking is not worth 150. 70 yes, and I would gladly pay for it at that price because I despise DNav. For now, I'll have to take a hard pass.

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    I believe the high cost is because it is the only bot of its kind.

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