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    Flaming Guns Bot

    I am really not satisfied with this bot at all... It says it can attain Legendary, however I can barely keep it at GM. I am not looking for a refund since I had it a long time, but I can't really find any good advice on how to get to Legendary -- and if I feel like if it can get Legendary, with enough hyper-ranking and a little bit of luck it can achieve Ultimate as well? I could be wrong -- not too educated on how the system works and stuff.

    Can anyone give me links, advice, or their own personal experience in using this bot?? and the advertisement says it can be used during SMH's? is that true?

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    It becomes harder when more people buy the bot. More better gunners means it gets harder to get a higher rank.

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    To get Legendary you should only use it in the navy and abandon troublesome boards if possible. It would be difficult to get Ultimate with it so I wouldn't count on that.

    Here is a tutorial created for people who want to get the most out of it:

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